How to configure Fio to a more accurate result of IOPs

I am using fio to test how much iops my server can offer. My conf file says to write a 20GB file and read it. THe results show iops=27291. But the test last only 10 seconds. I wonder if the test last 2 hours for example, I would have a more accurate result about my server IOPs.

# cat fio/fio-readwrite-20g.fio  [global] ioengine=posixaio rw=readwrite size=20g directory=/home/ustore/fio thread=10 write_bw_log=fio-test write_iops_log=fio-test write_lat_log=fio-test  [fio-readwrite-20g] 


Reading the man page yields

          Terminate processing after the specified number of seconds.

          If  given, run for the specified runtime duration even if the files
          are completely read or written. The same workload will
          be repeated as many times as runtime allows.

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