How to control line width when merging vector files into raster?

Using QGIS on Windows 7, I have figured out how to burn a vector file onto a QGIS georeferenced tiff. But the result produces a line only one pixel wide. I am trying to produce a map that can be used both as printed and on a mobile device to guide hikers and the narrow line isn't sufficiently visible.

Is there a way to make the line wider or otherwise more visible?

I am a non-programer and completely new to QGIS and am just stumbling my way into learning the software. Please provide details if you can.


I'm not a qgis expert but this sounds like a job for a KML. A KML would be easy to overlay in an application and in print. KML was developed for Google Earth/Google Maps.

You can use "Save as Image" from the project menu. This produces a georeferenced image from the QGIS view. You can change the vector styling to make the line thicker. The limitation is that you have no control over the output image resolution.

Buffer the lines. You can make them as thick as you want that way. Then rasterize the resulting polygon layer.

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