How to create docker multihost network and access from LAN

How can I create docker network for multiple docker hosts and assign routable IP to the containers, so that, we can access the containers from LAN network without any NAT/PAT?

I have multiple VLANs in my environment for example VLAN 11 ( for test, VLAN 12 ( for prod, VLAN 13 ( for LAN. I have configured VLANs on Cisco L3 switch and working fine. I have three CentOS7 boxes and I have installed docker on them. I have configured bridge interfaces on those CentOS7 boxes. Here are the configuration.

# cat ifcfg-eth0 NAME=eth0 IPV6INIT=no BOOTPROTO=static ONBOOT=yes HWADDR=8c:a9:01:9b:9b:5c NM_CONTROLLED=no NOZEROCONF=no  # cat ifcfg-eth1.11 TYPE=Ethernet BOOTPROTO=static NAME=eth1.11 DEVICE=eth1.11 ONBOOT=yes VLAN=yes IPADDR= NETMASK= GATEWAY=  # cat ifcfg-eth1.13 TYPE=Ethernet BOOTPROTO=static NAME=eth1.13 DEVICE=eth1.13 ONBOOT=yes VLAN=yes IPADDR= NETMASK= GATEWAY= 

Now, my question is how can I create docker network (may be overlay) to access the container from my LAN without additional NAT ?


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