How to disable an array of dates from html 5 datepicker using angularjs directive

Need some help here. I have a datepicker in html5 native code. Code looks like this

    <input name="cidt" type="date" id="cidate" ng-model="" min="{{today}}" required ng-change="getMinCo()" disableDates> 

And the directive

    myapp.directive('disableDates', function(){         return function(scope, element, attrs){             var disableddates = ["2016-07-14","2016-07-15"];             //need to code here         }     }); 

note: angularjs uses jqlite to modify attributes of an element. But there is no reference I could find to change the specific dates of this input type, other than min and max.

I just need to figure out how to disable those dates from being selected. Couldn't find any resource on google either. Any help appreciated.


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