How to display a var in string format?

In the view,
PAYMENT1 = 1,200.50
PAYMENT2 = 1,500.50

totalpayment = 2701

I want the totalpayment to have the format with comma.

totalpayment= 2,701.00

I tried using .ToString but did'nt work. Any idea?

 public ActionResult Edit(int id, bool update = false) { TBL_PROJ project = db.TBL_PROJ.Find(id);  ViewBag.PAYMENT1 = Convert.ToDecimal(project.PAYMENT1).ToString("#,##0.00"); ViewBag.PAYMENT2 = Convert.ToDecimal(project.PAYMENT2).ToString("#,##0.00");  var  totalPayment = project.PAYMENT1 + project.PAYMENT2; project.TotalPayment = (float)Math.Round(totalPayment, 2); //This Part  return View(project); } 


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