How to download all OpenStreetMap highways in a large area?

I need to download all highways as line features from OpenStreetMap in a large area (about 10.000km²). Therefore I wanted to use overpass-turbo with the following statement in the wizard:


in my chosen bounding box.

Unfortunately it looks like my bounding box is too big, because I get the error:

 runtime error: Query run out of memory using about 2048 MB of RAM. 

Do I have to change my overpass turbo query or is it not possible to download large datasets in overpass turbo? Which alternative method could I use to download all highways as line features in a larger region. I need to have all attributes, like the type of the highway, "foot=yes/no/...", "access="yes/no/....", etc. and if I use something like geofabrik, these attributes do not appear.


You can kill any web API with too large requests.

As an alternative, download an extract of Geofabrik that fits your study area, and run the query using osmosis or osmfilter.

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