how to dual boot new lenovo laptop

I am not able dual boot my new lenovo laptop. I was able to dual boot my old computer. Please help me. I tried following a video from youtube but it didn't work.


It would be helpful if you can provide make and build of your laptop (A new Lenovo laptop doesn't help). Also it will help if you share the error/failure you are experiencing. This question is way too much generic.

Anyways hopefully this thread might answer your question:

Installing Ubuntu on a Pre-Installed Windows 10 with UEFI

First of all install windows first. Doing the opposite will lose you the option of booting into linux. After installing windows, shut it down properly (not doing that will most likely deny you access to the hard drive). After Windows is properly shut down, boot your Ubuntu/linux distro and install it (different partition recommended). After installation you will be asked to choose OS to boot to. Ive done it quite a lot of times with my PC, personal Lenovo and work Lenovo Thinkpad. Always works.

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