How to encrypt a USB device so that it can be used on various platforms

I want to encrypt my USB drive so that it can be used on Ubuntu and Windows since I am using both as dual boot. As I spend most of my time on Ubuntu I thought of finding a cross platform encrypting solution here. I found this post on this site and found Truecrypt seems to be the top solution as it has been voted and accepted as the best answer. If my knowledge is up to date,the development of Truecrypt has been discontinued and a warning message is shown on the site saying WARNING: Using TrueCrypt is not secure as it may contain unfixed security issues.

Considering these things do you still recommend it to use as a cross platform encrypting solution? Also can I still refer the above linked post to fulfill my needs?


Good evening from over here,

First, you might want to take the following into consideration.

With that, consider the following alternative.

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