How to filter HTTP traffic in a more efficient way? [on hold]

I have been using mitmproxy for filtering HTTP and HTTPS traffic.

mitmproxy is simple and written in Python. It will start a new thread to handle every new HTTP request.

Here are something I need to get from those request flows.

  1. URL
  2. parameters
  3. IP of the request
  4. MAC of the request
  5. parse the content and do some logistics

mitmdump is shipped from project mitmproxy and it works in command line.

Extensively I used it in this way,

mitmdump -T -s ./ (it listens on port 8000, and I used iptables to forward all HTTP traffic to this port)

I handled all the requests in this handler ./ But I found it to be less efficient. Maybe because it's in Python!!!

So I want a new easy-efficient tool or framework to do this job.

Can you suggest some?

Appreciate your help!!!


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