How to find out the URL to which a process is trying to connect to?

I have a program that is downloading some files from the Internet transparently (I don't know from where the files are downloading). I want to find out the URL of those files that are currently downloading. Is that possible?

I use Windows 7.


Use Process Explorer from Microsoft to see connections a process is making to remote sites. Once you've run Process Explorer, double-click the process you're interested in, then look on the TCP/IP tab as shown here for an instance of Firefox.exe:

How to find out the URL to which a process is trying to connect to?

There are plenty of tools that can tell you what hosts a process is connected to. Netstat is one, Process Explorer is another.

But to find the exact URL? The only way to do that is to use a packet sniffer and watch for HTTP GET messages. The message header will have the URL of the resource being requested.

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