How to have my bash script executed every time the touch screen receives input?

I am looking for a way to trigger a little bash script I wrote to run every time the touchscreen receives input. I am assuming there is some sort of event handler somewhere that deals with touchscreen input I could tamper with to do this, but as I am not a very experienced linux user I have no clue where to start. Currently running Xubuntu 15.04, please let me know if you need more info than that (and how I can get it for you).

I'm having this 'problem' that people keep touching my screen in meetings, and, not expecting it to be a touch screen, mess things up. Now, rather than disable the touchscreen feature somehow, I though it would be very humorous to have my laptop protest, using a voice synthesiser, saying things like 'ouch' and 'stop poking me'. So I wrote a little script that cycles through an array of them and saves which one it last said in a text file, which I would like to trigger with every touch... :). I can't wait to see my colleagues faces.


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