How to implement contact frequency rules in Journeys

Contact frequency refers to number of communications sent per customer in a given time. How do you implement this in MC for a Journey? More specific, I'm building a Journey and I want contacts to receive a specific push notification only 2 times during a calendar month. How do I implement this in Marketing Cloud?

The easiest solution that came into my mind is to use query on a system data extensions that stores all communications at contact level. The problem is that I do not know the name of the data system view and the fields in order to build a query.

Do you have a solution for implementing contact frequency policies? I have to mention that the Contact Re-Entry option that can be set for each journey is not a satisfactory one for my problem because my contact policy is per channel and I use multiple channels in a journey and is time period driven (for 1 week, for 1 month).

Thank you! Andreea


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