How to implement monitor mode in Client wifi adapter's driver?

I recently found that Windows provide support for monitor mode in NDIS(Network Driver Interface Specifications) but our wifi chipset manufacturer does not implement it in their drivers. So even if NDIS supports it but as long as client adapter's driver are not implemented with it, monitor mode will not work. See Information Source and screenshot : How to implement monitor mode in Client wifi adapter's driver?

..Is there anyway I can implement monitor support in client wifi adapter's driver by editing it? Or by replacing that driver with any third-party driver which supports monitor mode? I do need monitor mode feature in my wifi chipset but I don't know how.


The problem is that you cannot edit the driver. It's not a text file – it's a compiled program like .exe files are, and the only two ways to 'edit' it are either by changing the source code and recompiling (which would work on Linux/BSD, but unfortunately most manufacturers do not provide the source code for their Windows drivers), or by patching in some handwritten machine code (which would have worked in MS-DOS, but is likely too difficult at this point).

Drivers are hardware-specific. That means you cannot use just any driver, it has to be the right one for your hardware. So there’s most likely no third-party driver for your hardware available. Not on Windows, anyway.

Using a Linux driver as reference, you might be able to create a new driver that supports everything. That would however be an incredibly complicated process that is probably nearly impossible if you don’t have experience writing drivers.

If you think all that is beyond you and you really need it, you can also order it from your favorite software company.

A slightly cheaper option would be to just get a WiFi adapter that supports monitor mode on Windows.

tl;dr: No. :D

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