How to interpolate subsurface geology from borehole data

I have borehole data (x, y, z values for each subsurface measurement, and its associated lithology). I would like to interpolate the borehole data to create 1) interpolated subsurfaces and 2) lithological profiles at specific cross-sections. I only have access to ArcGIS + 3d analyst + scene, but no other software packages, nor the budget to access them.

I need to know if the above is possible with the tools and data that I have, and if so, what tools and methodology I should be looking into. Thanks, Ana


I would have suggested using the Spatial Analyst extension to get at the same, but since you mentioned that you have access to only the above resources, I suggest using the Raster Interpolation Toolset, which comes with the 3D analyst extension. There are different approaches, depending on the result you seek. I suggest checking the Kriging or the Natural Neighbour option as they seem to be very effective at interpolation for what you are asking.

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