How to JOIN a two column using prepared statement?

i'm trying to combine or JOIN two column of my table using prepared statement but i'm struggling to understand it.

Here is my current query :

    $query = "SELECT * FROM `crew_info` WHERE `crew_rank` IN ('MASTER','CHCK','MESSMN','2E','2M','COOK','OLR','AB','3E','3M')AND `crew_status` = 'PRINCIPAL REVIEW' AND `manning_agent` ='GOLDROUTE.PHP' AND `vessel_name` = 'SAMMY'";     $stmt = mysqli_prepare($conn, $query);     mysqli_stmt_execute($stmt);     mysqli_stmt_bind_result($stmt, $id, $first_name, $middle_name, $last_name, $age, $month, $day, $year, $birth_place, $gender, $martial_status, $religion, $nationality, $email_address, $address_1, $address_2, $course, $school_graduated, $remarks, $note, $date_added, $crew_status, $crew_rank, $image_name, $updated_photo, $passport_registration, $passport_expiration, $manning_agent, $principal_name, $vessel_name, $joining_date, $joining_port); 

and the other table name is pending_list where I want to get the vessel_name can someone help me here? thanks


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