How to link to live chat TawkTo module pop up window with Drupal 7?

I have Tawkto module installed, and I want to create link on my main menu for:

"Live Chat"

The link is:

  <a href="javascript:void(Tawk_API.toggle())"> Click to Chat </a> 

Now this works fine on static HTML pages, but when I paste it in field for main menu, it doesn't work.

I've tried:




How can I do this?

The site with Livechat is:


You can easily achieve this by using Void Menu module.

  1. Download & Install Void Menu module.
  2. Go to
  3. Set javascript:void(Tawk_API.toggle()) as value for HTML value for <void2>
  4. Then go to main menu configuration and set menu Path as <void2>
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