How to make Two column nomenclature

I wanted to have two column nomenclature. So far I have the following code that I am working on that. Is there any idea how should I make them in two column? I also want to remove the printing date below the nomenclature.

\documentclass{article} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}  \usepackage{amssymb}  \usepackage{nomencl} \makenomenclature  %% This will add the subgroups %---------------------------------------------- \usepackage{etoolbox} \renewcommand\nomgroup[1]{%   \item[\bfseries   \ifstrequal{#1}{A}{}{%   \ifstrequal{#1}{B}{Number Sets}{%   \ifstrequal{#1}{C}{Other Symbols}{}}}% ]} %----------------------------------------------  %% This will add the units %---------------------------------------------- \newcommand{\nomunit}[1]{% \renewcommand{\nomentryend}{\hspace*{\fill}#1}} %----------------------------------------------  \title{Nomenclatures}   \begin{document} \maketitle  \mbox{}  \nomenclature[A, 01]{$\dot\rho$}{D} \nomenclature[A, 02]{$\bf \nabla$}{N} \nomenclature[A, 03]{$\mathcal{R}$}{R} \nomenclature[A, 04]{$\sigma$}{DS} \printnomenclature  \end{document} 


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