How to modify the Android kernel? (I have a device no one will ever both to make things for)

I have an RCA Maven Pro which is a budget tablet that is also a 2-in-1. As far as 2-in-1 Android devices go RCA is pretty much the only option anymore and they only make budget devices so this is where I am...

I am wanting to know how can I add things to the kernel of this device? I'd like to add CPU governors, IO schedulers, NTFS write support, maybe even overclocking. However I can't figure out step number one. How do I get a copy of the kernel off of this device so I can safely play around with it and learn a bit? I've read around numerous websites and forums so I have a very basic idea on how to do things yet none tell me how to get a copy of my kernel, but if someone feels like making a better step by step tutorial that would be awesome. I've already rooted and de-bloated the tablet, I also put TWRP on it, so I'm familiar with all of that, just not the kernel.


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