How to Properly Format geocodeAddresses POST with ArcGIS REST

I am able to successfully process a batch geocoding request (described here geocodeAddresses—ArcGIS REST API: World Geocoding Service | ArcGIS for Developers ) using a GET request. However, I know I will want to use the POST method as the documentation describes since my batches may be large.

When I try to submit the data via POST, I get a very unhelpful error message.

{'error': {'code': 400,     'details': [],     'message': 'Unable to complete operation.'}}   

The request I am trying to make looks like this (I have tried various iterations):


POST Data (raw)

{       "addresses": {           "records": [               {                   "attributes": {                       "OBJECTID": 1,                       "Address": "380 New York St.",                       "City": "Redlands",                       "Region": "CA",                       "Postal": "92373"                   }               },               {                   "attributes": {                       "OBJECTID": 2,                       "Address": "1 World Way",                       "City": "Los Angeles",                       "Region": "CA",                       "Postal": "90045"                   }               }           ]       }   }   

Where of course TOKEN is replaced with a valid token I have successfully tested via a GET request.

Variations I have tried included having "records" as the top level key and including the GET parameters such as the token as keys in the POST payload.


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