How to read a Variable from a file in LATEX?

How to read a variable from a file, lets say textfile var.txt that contains the following:

foo = 10 bar = 20 

Now I am looking for a command \missingcommand that scans the file and it can be used in my Latex code like this:

The first value \missingcommand{foo} and the second value \missingcommand{bar}. 

Compiles to:

The first value 10 and the second value 20. 

Any help would be kindly appreciated


This uses my readarray package. It relies on there being space separators between fields, and exactly 3 fields in each row: <variable> = <value>.

foo = 10
bar = 20
\newcommand\missingcommand[1]{\csname DATA#1\endcsname}
\MyDatROWS{} rows of data read.

\whiledo{\value{datacount} < \MyDatROWS}{%
  \expandafter\xdef\csname DATA\arrayij{MyDat}{\value{datacount}}{1}\endcsname{%

The first value \missingcommand{foo} and the second value \missingcommand{bar}.

How to read a Variable from a file in LATEX?

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