How to read multiple sheet in continution from one workbook using seleniumwebdriver?

I have an multiple sheets in one workbook, it read each and every rows too.

But each time it start reading the sheet from first row and because of that when it start to set/writing the status of cases, it start from first row and overlap over the result of other cases.

Also, for reading and writing sheet I am using Jxl api.

Below are the code for logic can anyone please let me know how to resolved it:

int rowWorkBook1 = testScenarios.rowCount();         System.out.println("Total Rows1: "+ rowWorkBook1);          for (int j = 1; j < rowWorkBook1; j++) {                      String sno = testScenarios.readCell(testScenarios.getCell("Sno"), j); // SendKey                     String testCaseDescription = testScenarios.readCell(testScenarios.getCell("TestCaseDescription"), j);                     String framWork = testScenarios.readCell(testScenarios.getCell("FrameworkName"), j);                     String operation = testScenarios.readCell(testScenarios.getCell("Operation"), j); // SendKey                     String value = testScenarios.readCell(testScenarios.getCell("Value"), j);                      handleObjects(operation, value, framWork);                     boolean bTestCaseStepStatus = handleObjects(operation,value, framWork);                      generateReport(bTestCaseStepStatus, scenarioName, sno,testCaseDescription, j);                  }             } 


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