how to redirect page to main [on hold]

I'm using framework7 with Android studio. I would like to understand how to create a new HTML page and auto direct it from intro screen to index page within 3 seconds thankyou in advance.

  • ...

    ... setTimeout("window.location='#index'",3000);

       <div class="page navbar-fixed" data-page="main"> <!-- main page -->        <div class="page-content">            <div class="content-block">             </div>        </div>    </div>     <div class="pages"> <!-- Pages -->         <div class="page navbar-fixed" data-page="index"> <!-- Index page -->            <div class="navbar">                <div class="navbar-inner">                    <div class="center">B.A.T</div>                </div>            </div>             <div class="page-content">                <div class="content-block">                    <a href="#about">Go to About page</a></br>                </div>            </div>        </div>        <!-- End of Index page --> ... </body> </html> 


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