How to set dashed line on Leaflet?

Line style in leaflet always are solid ,I want the line to be -1)Dashed line style -2)Train line style

  var L2 = new L.geoJson(L2, {   style: function(feature) {     return {       color: 'black',       weight: 7     };   },   onEachFeature: function(feature, layer) {     layer.on({       'mousemove': function(e) {{           weight: 7,           color: 'red'         });        },       'mouseout': function(e) {         L2.resetStyle(;       },       'click': function(e) {         mymap.fitBounds(;         L2.bindPopup("<b>" +;       }     });   } }).addTo(mymap); 

Here is my code result


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