How to Set PTR Record?

I have a domain from Godaddy, its application runs at Google Compute Engine and is traffic controlled by Cloudflare.

For sometime now we have observed decrease in our mails deliverability to users inbox. One of the method to resolve the issue is to add PTR Record.

Could you please help me with how and where to add PTR Record?

Thank you.


The PTR record (also called reverse DNS record) is not located in the domain's zone but in the ARPA's zone, as it relates to the IP address, not the domain name.

That record needs to be created by your SMTP server's ISP for its static IP address.

That is not something done through Cloudflare, which would be impossible since the IP addresses they use are shared (as described on their site).

You add PTR Record to the DNS configuration.

Login to GoDaddy and Select domain, go to Manage DNS and Modify DNS there you will have option to Add PTR record.

If you have modified domain name server then you won't be able to add any DNS record under your godaddy account. Find the option to add DNS record either PTR or Reserve DNS under your hosting account.

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