How to set the priority of host headers in IIS 6?

On my IIS 6 Server, I have two sites:

Site 1: //Should respond only to header value Site 2: //Should respond if no host header matches 

However it seems that site 2 always responds. I have created site 2 after sit one. How can I make Site 1 have priority?


Make sure the only entry in the Advanced Web Site Identification screen for Site 1 is exactly as follows:

IP Address:
TCP port: 80
Host header value:

The default entry (and any other entries) should be removed.

For Site 2, make sure that the default entry in the Advanced Web Site Identification screen is the only entry.

For both sites, the IP Address should be the same.

Site 1 should respond in your scenario. I would double-check the entries. Are you sure you are binding both to the same IP? (not All IP's or whatever) Also you could try to stop and restart IIS.

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