How to setup OpenWRT Luci for WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) [on hold]

I've got a broadband connection from WISP where the CPE device is mounted on roof top and from there a ethernet cable is connected to POE switch and from switch to my laptop.

TBH I'm very new to openwrt though I'm familiar with networking but not a pro. With my current setup I get my ISPs IP,Gateway and DNS when connected directly to my laptop ethernet port. In openwrt I've tried couple of things like bridging but didn't work and slightly into confused mood. In my interfaces i can see only LAN and under switch I got VLAN which I have completely no idea and under WiFi I got it enabled.

Now my needs are I need to connect to the WAN port of my router and setup both LAN ports and WiFi such that I can access my internet and manage traffic. Router has 4 ports in which WAN is in port no 4 as per manufacturer label but its in port 3 as per openwrt because here it starts from 0.This is the router which i'm trying on now.

Please help me with proper guide.


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