How to share internet between sites connected using SHDSL routers (Data lines only)

I have 2 sites connected together using SHDSL routers (Data only)

in Site 1:

I have 3 devices connected together using normal network switch:

1-Database Server :

2-ADSL Router (Linksys ADSL Router WAG200G) :

3-SHDSL VPN Router (Billion BiPAC 8500) :

in Site 2:

I have 2 devices conncted togherther :

1-POS Computer (Normal PC - Windows 7 SP1 x32):

2-SHDSL VPN Router (Billion BiPAC 8500) :

In site 1 I have set route table as following in the database server (Microsoft Windows server 2008 R2):

Persistent Routes:    Network Address     Netmask        Gateway Address    Metric         1      Default 

from site 1: I can ping and access devices in SITE 2

but from site 2 I can only access and ping:

1-Database server :

2-SHDSL VPN Router (Billion BiPAC 8500) :

but I cannot ping ADSL router (Linksys ADSL Router WAG200G :

What I want is to share internet from SITE 1 to SITE 2 using the ADSL router that located in the SITE 1 (Linksys ADSL Router WAG200G :

How to do it.


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