How to switch into desktop mode

I have a Nexus 4 with Ubuntu Touch. Tt is now update to OTA12.

I wonder, because if I conenct the device via a Slimportad apter to my external screen, it does not switch into convergence mode. The screen of the Nexus 4 can be used as Keyboard and mouse touch pad. And at the big screen I can see the mousepointer and the normal screen layout as I am used to see on the screen of my Nexus 4.

I remember at OTA10, Ubuntu Touch switched on the desktop mode automatically, if conected to a external screen. In Dekstop mode I should see normally windows with titlebar and all all apps are running at the same time.

I know some Aquaris devices have an build in switch at the System-Notification-Tab. But at the Nexus 4 there is not such a switch.

So, how to switch manually into the desktop mode?


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