Httpwebrequest soap Request

Hi What is the best practice for sending Http Request using C#, passing a number of parameters to a SOAP end point. I also require to Add few headers in the request.



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  • How to send/receive SOAP request and response using C#? 2011-03-22

    private static string WebServiceCall(string methodName) { WebRequest webRequest = WebRequest.Create("http://localhost/AccountSvc/DataInquiry.asmx"); HttpWebRequest httpRequest = (HttpWebRequest)webRequest; httpRequest.Method = "POST";

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    I'm using Tibco BusinessWorks to consume a soap web service over an HTTPS connection. The instructions boil down to: Export certificates using a web browser. Use the Tools->Trusted Certificates->Import PEM format to folder within the project. In the

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    I need to integrate with a SOAP Web Service that requires that the requests come from a whitelisted IP address. As I often do development from all over the place it is quite annoying to ask for a new whitelisted IP each time. I have a remote server t

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    I have a front SOAP web-server under Linux. It will have to communicate with Windows Servers VM listening each on a HTTP port, for a HTTP POST request. The chosen VM should return a report of a task to the SOAP client. In the SOAP requests, there's a

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    I'm on Mac osx, I'm sending a SOAP request and the response is: There is not enough space on the disk. <s:Envelope xmlns:s=""> <s:Body> <s:Fault> <faultcode xmlns:a="http://schem

  • ArcGIS 10.1 - OD Cost Matrix SOAP Request (Error received) 2013-06-26

    I've been using Network Analyst in ArcGIS desktop (10.1), and using succesfully some SOAP API operations (findAddressCandidates, GetNALAyerNames, GetSolverParameters, GetSolverParameters2) But now want to get OD Cost Matrix (Network Analyst) using SO

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    We have several call outs from salesforce to an external webservices where we consume the external application wsdl and make call outs from our visual force pages. Do you guys know how can i print the entire soap request and response in xml stream or

  • Understanding WS-Security and XML-Enc parts of a SOAP Request 2014-01-20

    I'm attempting to build a SOAP client to consume the services provided by eMedNy. They've provided me with a client X.509 certificate along with their server X.509 certificate. Their user guide contains the following sample SOAP request: <?xml versio

  • SOAP-request realization in DOS 6.22 16-bit 2014-03-31

    I have a task to develop some application providing SOAP-requests realization for DOS. I have already developed a similar application under Linux, using C++/STL and curl and openssl libraries. Is there any way to use such method in my environment now

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    I am working a salesforce integration project. We are making n number of web service calls to third party services. Now I have to implement a logger , where I need to store the soap request and response in xml format. Most preferable is the same soap

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    Is there any way to print the raw SOAP request for apex webservices? We have a web service that is used by a number of external providers and are putting a proxy in place that will perform some modifications of the SOAP XML. I'm hoping I can do some

  • Unable to create SOAP request for inserting child object 2014-11-26

    I have a scenario where i need to perform create opertion.I have imported the Enterprise salesforce wsdl and trying to perform create operation on a junction object. I have a junction object slaesOrgProductLink that has a master detail relation to Pr

  • ExactTarget, SOAP request problem in creating a triggered send definition 2015-01-06

    Guys I have couple of questions on ExactTarget SOAP requests, and hopefully you have the answer. Anyway thanks in advance for looking at the question. 1). My goal is to create a triggered send using ExactTarget and I believe this can be done using se

  • Require documentation/example for how to create SOAP request for AutomationStudio tasks 2015-02-23

    I am looking for documentation or an example for how to create a SOAP request for the following Automation Studio tasks: Data Extract SQL Query Send Email Transfer File I've been able to work through creating send email task using example sample SOAP

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    I am connecting to a SOAP webservice that requires SSL authentication. I (the web service client) have a .pfx file and provided the public certificate for that file to the company whose web service I am accessing. I am able to send a successful SOAP

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    Can anyone tell me the Update Request format(working format) for SOAP request.I have a data extension and I want to update the user details like FIRSTNAME and LASTNAME and the primary key in my data extension is "Email". --------------Solutions-

  • WebService SOAP Request Log 2015-06-24

    Is there a way to log the incoming SOAP request before concerned apex call is called. I mean what is responsible for converting SOAP request into call to apex class? Also for call out to SOAP web service hosted at external system, is there a way to l

  • SOAP request in a while loop 2015-11-01

    I am developing a service where the user need to sign the seller agreement with Mobile BankID (Swedish e-sign service). To make this work I need to make SOAP request to get the progress status of the signing request in Mobile BankID. Is this code und

  • Architecture supporting digitally signing of tons of soap requests 2015-11-18

    What is the optimal architecture for such case: Web application(.Net Web Forms) connects to third party web service via wcf. Third party web service accepts only digitally signed soap requests Some typical business processes consist of several soap r

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