Illustrator's Gradient Mesh Tool

For those of you looking to get past simple vector shapes in Illustrator, a key tool that brings you into the realm of “illustration” as most people think of it is the gradient mesh tool. A fantastic easy-to-follow-along tutorial at can help to jump-start your gradient mesh tool experience! Download the PDF here.


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  • How can I remove an existing Gradient Mesh from an object in Adobe Illustrator? 2013-06-29

    I just messed up using the Gradient Mesh Tool in Adobe Illustrator. I want to start a brand new Gradient Mesh on the object I messed up on and don't want to delete the original shape. How can I remove the existing Gradient Mesh so that I can start a

  • More About Gradient Meshing... 2004-12-08

    Some of you die-hard Photoshop users might be wondering why you should care about gradient meshes in Illustrator. After all, can't you achieve the exact same effects - with less time and eye-straining work - by using a variety of brushes and colors?

  • Intersect points remaining after deleting line from gradient mesh 2011-10-14

    Ok I've been using the Gradient Mesh tool of late, and am pretty happy with it, it's a great tool! On one of my pieces however I need to restructure the mesh, and so I delete a line using Alt+Click (with mesh tool selected), but the points created by

  • A clean way to remove gradient mesh in Illustrator? 2013-03-30

    Does anyone know if it is possible to remove a gradient mesh from an object in Illustrator without producing a distorted/inaccurate outline? Adobe documentation as well as most online resources I found only suggest using Object > Path > Offset Path.

  • Pathfinder divide tool on object with gradient mesh 2013-08-08

    I'm using Illustrator CC, and have a tear-drop shaped object which has a gradient mesh applied to it. I need to use the pathfinder divide tool in combination with another simple shape to take a chunk out of the teardrop, but the pathfinder tools don'

  • Using a gradient mesh to color lines in illustrator 2015-09-21

    So I have this line design in AI, and I made this super colorful gradient mesh with the color design I want to apply to the lines. (They are in separate layers if that is relevant) How do I use the color design of the gradient mesh to color the lines

  • How to convert a gradient mesh created in Illustrator into a browser-compatible, scalable SVG? 2014-10-16

    I need to convert a gradient mesh generated in illustrator into an SVG file that is browser compatible. The mesh generates this gradient which I need to use as a background for a responsive web site where the css is set as follows: html { background-

  • Illustrator CS4 Gradient Following a Path 2010-02-25

    I'm trying to draw a power cable in illustrator, I want the cable to have one side dark and the other light with a gradient in the middle, because the cable has curved corners it won't work the usual way. I have tried making an art brush with a gradi

  • Illustrator - Radial gradient on multiple shapes 2012-09-12

    I have some circles and line to make a cloud like the one below. I know i can use the path finder to make some unions. But how to make some gradients with a 3d effect ? (like the example) Thanks in advance (i'm using Illustrator CS6) --------------So

  • Is it possible to expect pst-solides3d (in the future) to generate gradient mesh? 2014-11-16

    I have been using pst-solides3d to generate surfaces and then importing them to Adobe Illustrator to turn them into a gradient mesh. The procedure can be time consuming if I want to be very precise, and even there are only 4 vertices, I would have to

  • How to quickly setup a gradient mesh for annulus-like shapes in AI? 2014-12-15

    I usually encounter annulus-like shapes such as the one shown below: I want to create a gradient mesh out of this array of discrete patches. However, Adobe Illustrator can only create rectangular gradient mesh. I had to fudge the mesh to this annulus

  • Gradient mesh to blur photos 2015-11-17

    I'm trying to apply a gradient mesh to a photo in illustrator to create a blurred vector background. It limits me to using 50 x 50 columns and the results are very blocky. I had downloaded a vector from iStock for work purposes and noticed that the b

  • blender 2.60: "Draw Edge Length" in "Mesh Tools 1" option 2011-11-17

    Anyone know where to find the "Draw Edge Length" option that used to be available in edit mode in the Editing Panel as the "Mesh Tools 1" option in older versions of Blender? I would like to see the edge lengths of all sides of the sel

  • Killer Backgrounds with Illustrator's SVG Pattern Tool 2014-07-10

    Photo: HORIZON Adobe Illustrator is the established go-to tool for vector graphics. You can scale graphics infinitely larger or smaller, without any loss of image quality. That's why Illustrator is perfect for creating backgrounds. You can create sea

  • Transforming 3rd-party discrete gradient mesh to AI's smooth gradient-mesh 2014-11-11

    The problem I use pst-solides3d (part of pstricks bundle for LaTeX) to generate the following surface. The surface is not a mesh, but a collection of disjoint quadrilateral patches, each with a uniform color. The overall effect looks like a gradient

  • Gradient Mesh in Inkscape? 2015-01-28

    I use Ubuntu 14.04 32 bits, and I want to use Gradient Mesh on Inkscape 0.48.5 r I watched here that exist a tutorial, but I didn't saw this resource in my Inkscape. How can I enable this Gradient Mesh? Thanks! --------------Solutions------------- I

  • can i copy a gradient mesh from one colored object to another? like slide 1 to slide 2 2015-05-20

    Can i copy a gradient mesh from one coloured object to another? I need to make a presentation with different coloured slides. I have used the gradient mesh on a dark green slide. I want my next slide to be red but using the same gradient mesh as slid

  • illustrator cs6 : gradient of in each shape gone when unite 2015-08-29

    the gradient in each of my shapes are gone when I unite them. the combined compound shape just turns into one solid color. for example, before unite after unite i have searched the internet, and found no answer to my problem. perhaps i did not type i

  • Illustrator CS6 Gradient in Logo 2013-05-07

    I am looking to create an effect similar to this: Is it even a gradient or some other effect. I'm not used to Illustrator, but require a vector based logo. I cannot seem to figure out the gradient effect and can only come with the below. Any help wou

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