Implementation of a generic Stack in C++ [on hold]

I've implemented a generic Stack in C++. I would like a code review in regards to my code, especially on whether or not my implementation satisfy the following 4 points:

  1. My Stack class guarantees Strong Exception Safety, using the copy and swap idiom
  2. The container still works if T passed in is not default constructible
  3. Correctness of the implementation of the Rule of Five
  4. General implementation correctness and efficiency (i.e: No memory leaks, dangling pointers ... ...)

Additionally, I have also added 4 questions in the code as comments as my concerns in the correctness of my code's implementation/style. I would greatly appreciate if those questions are addressed in the review as well.

#pragma once template <typename T>  class Stack {     public:         Stack();         Stack(const Stack& other);         Stack(Stack&& other)                                noexcept;         ~Stack();          Stack<T>& operator =(const Stack<T>& other);         Stack<T>& operator =(Stack<T>&& other)              noexcept;          void swap(Stack<T>& other)                          noexcept;                             friend void swap(Stack<T>& A, Stack<T>& B)         {             A.swap(B);         }          void pop();         T& top();         void push(T item);              //Pass T by value? What if T is big and expensive?      private:         struct Node         {             Node* next;             T data;                     //Should data be stored as a reference instead? (i.e: T& data)         };                              //Should I be adding constructors/destructors and such in this struct?          Node* head;         void reverse(Node** head);      //reverse method is not specific to *this stack, should I make it inline or something? };  template <typename T> Stack<T>::Stack()     :head(nullptr) {}  template <typename T> Stack<T>::Stack(const Stack& other)     :Stack() {     Node* curr = other.head;      while(curr != nullptr)     {         push(curr->data);         curr = curr->next;     }      reverse(&head); }  template <typename T> Stack<T>::Stack(Stack&& other)          noexcept     :head(nullptr) {     swap(*this, other); }  template <typename T> Stack<T>::~Stack() {     Node* curr = head;      while(curr != nullptr)     {         Node* tmp = curr;         curr = curr->next;         delete tmp;     }      delete head; }  template <typename T> Stack<T>& Stack<T>::operator =(const Stack<T> &other) {     Stack tmp(other);     swap(*this, tmp);     return *this; }  template <typename T> Stack<T>& Stack<T>::operator =(Stack<T>&& other)    noexcept {     swap(*this, tmp);     return *this; }  template <typename T> void Stack<T>::swap(Stack& other)               noexcept {     using std::swap;     swap(head, other.head); }  template <typename T> void Stack<T>::pop() {     if(head == nullptr)         throw std::runtime_error("No item found in stack");      Node* curr = head;     head = head->next;     delete curr; }  template <typename T> void Stack<T>::push(T item) {     Node* tmp = new Node;     tmp->next = head;     tmp->data = std::move(item);      head = tmp; }  template <typename T> T& Stack<T>::top() {     if(head == nullptr)         throw std::runtime_error("No item found in stack");      return head->data; }  template <typename T> void Stack<T>::reverse(Node **head) {     if(head == nullptr || *head == nullptr)         throw std::runtime_error("head is null or no head to reverse");      Node *prev = nullptr;     Node *next = *head->next;      while(*head != nullptr)     {         *head->next = prev;          prev = *head;         *head = next;          if(next != nullptr)             next = next->next;     }      *head = prev; } 


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