importing a portion of another tex file

I have several papers that have full preambles including cover pages, package include statements, etc. I am compiling the papers into one long book that has chapters and would like to import that papers as individual chapters. In order to do this (because the formatting of the book is different than the papers), I need to skip the preamble and start with the first section of each paper. Is there a way to import each one starting from a particular point in the tex file?

Let me describe the setup so it's a bit clearer: I have each paper that I created in LyX. The master document is a tex file provided to me that has all the appropriate formatting etc. That is, the master file is not a LyX file but a usual tex file which imports the individual chapters.

The reason I want to do this (instead of manually just removing the preamble) is in the event I make changes, I don't want to have to make changes to two files, I would like them to be synced.


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