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I'm writing a MVC app, I've put effort into writing index.php since it must be the entrance point (like main for C and Java) imho. I would like to ensure if someone who were to work on this file wouldn't be confused.

require_once 'App/config.php'; //main constants are defined here require_once 'App/autoload.php';  if(strpos(URL,'error/'))     goto start; try{     Connection::set(DBMS,HOST,PORT,DB_NAME,DB_USER,DB_PWD,$PDO_OPTIONS);     DAO::init();  }catch(Exception $e){     if(!PROD){ //if the app is online PROD=TRUE         throw $e;      }else         header('location: '.WEBROOT.'error/503/',503);      exit; }  session_start();  if(!isset($_SESSION['user']))      $_SESSION["user"] = new Guest;  start:     try{         extract($_GET);         unset($_GET);          if(isset($controller, $action, $params))             Dispatcher::dispatch($controller, $action, $params);          else if (isset($controller, $action))             Dispatcher::dispatch($controller, $action);          else if (isset($controller, $params))             Dispatcher::dispatch($controller, NULL, $params);          else if (isset($controller))             Dispatcher::dispatch($controller);          else             Dispatcher::dispatch();          echo Dispatcher::deliver(); //output the response      }catch(Throwable $t){         if(!PROD)             throw $t;          else if($t instanceof TypeError && strpos($t->getTrace()[0],'Dispatcher.php'))             header('location: '.WEBROOT.'error/400/',400);          else if(strpos($t->getMessage(),'not found'))             header('location: '.WEBROOT.'error/404/',404);          else             header('location: '.WEBROOT.'error/503/',503);     } 


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