Individual selectivity of LED matrix

I am very new to electrical engineering, only have been tinkering with Arduino and Raspberry Pi's in such an extend that applies to complete tutorials and smaller DYI's.

I am doing a part of an art-project and has been looking into schematics of how to make a LED-matrix.

I found a Individual selectivity of LED matrix

that might suit the structure.

If I was to light up diode number: 2.2, 2.1, 1.2, I'd wanted to send power to the whole 1. and 2. column. Then I'd let 1. and 2. row be the GND and then the circuit consists. But doesn't that also light up the 1.1-diode? How would i be able to make a matrix where the individual diode is being selected so that a Letter can be written? (fx R)


Matrix designs are almost always meant to be multiplexed. Whether using switches as inputs or LEDs as output. This means the matrix is (usually) checked or driven one intersection (where a row and column come together) at a time.

In the example schematic there are 3 LEDs (Red, Green & Blue) at each intersection. As stated above, the matrix is driven (usually) one intersection at a time. To light the LEDs at intersection 2.2 the row 2 line would be driven high and the column 2 lines would be driven low.

To expedite the process, for this particular design, it is possible to light all desired LEDs in a given column or in a given row. But not both!

You should concern your self with current limiting resistors where needed. Also with LED power requirements and the impact of lighting multiple LED on your power supply.

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