InfoPath 2010 form text wrap issue on my SharePoint site

So I have an InfoPath 2010 form with a multi-line textbox that won't wrap text on Firefox or Chrome - the text just continues on the same line. On IE, the text wraps properly. I've published this form to a form library that I created on my SharePoint 2010 site, and the form opens and submits as it should (I have it appear in a modal dialog popup window).

I've searched for solutions, and I've been told to add a content editor web part to the page containing the form and apply a CSS file to that to deal with the text wrap settings. I'm not sure where this content editor web part would go since I directly published the form to a form library on the site, rather than putting it as a form web part on a page in the site. Is there a way to directly apply CSS to the form itself?

Any advice or suggestions is appreciated. Thanks!


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