Insert a section before Introduction in an article

I would like to include a "Motivation" section after the Abstract and before Introduction in an article. I have tried this but it doesn't work

\begin{Motivation}    \end{Motivation} 

I know its weird to the professionals but I used the analogy of the abstract.


The simplest way is to do



\title{A title}
\author{A. Uthor}
\date{July 38, 2016} % don't ask why


This is the abstract.


We have several good reasons for writing this paper.
The main one is that ducks can fly.




You could simply use abstract environment twice, giving each abstract a different name


    Some motivational text here

    No form, no name, simple existence.


I was assuming you didn't want to use a simple \section for your motivation


To have a "numberless" section all you need to do is use \section*{Motivation}

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