Installed Ubuntu using WUBI due to lack of CD Drive

I have installed 12.04 via WUBI because my computer does not have a CD Drive. Is there any way that I can delete Windows 7 from my computer and use the whole HD for Ubuntu? I ask this question because for one reason or another I cannot boot from a boot-able USB stick (either in Windows or Ubuntu, however the USB port works because I am able to use my cell phone's tethering plan using all the USB ports to connect to the Internet).

Edit: Just found out the problem. Eee PC Model 1018p's do not boot from any format other than FAT and FAT16 and not FAT32.


Use the WUBI install to make a bootable LiveUSB with Startup Disk Creator. You will be able to boot off the USB but you might need to consult the manual. There's often a short-cut key (for example on the EeePC) that is the easiest way to get a boot menu to boot off the USB.

Could you go into Boot in the Bios and make removable device 1st, and disable the rest of the boot device priorities.

Hope this can work for you!

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