Installing Snappy Ubuntu Core on an old Android phone

Is it possible to download a Snappy Ubuntu Core .img file?

The thing is, I want to see if I can run Ubuntu on an old Nexus One phone by following the steps showed in this video:

Thanks in advance for your support.

P.S. For a wider exposition of my intentions, whatt I really want to do is to be able to run a platform called "Johnny-Five" on my phone so I can then connect my phone to an Arduino board. Johnny-five is based on node.js and that's why I need Ubuntu on the phone, to be able to install node.js. (I'm just speculating since I don't really know If I can do all of this stuff).

I got the idea from this tutorials:

Getting Started with Johnny Five for IoT with Tomomi Imura (Part 1)

and there's a part 2,

Getting Started with Johnny Five for IoT with Tomomi Imura (Part 2)

Essentially, I want to substitute the laptop used in the tutorials with a phone connected to the Arduino board.

Thanks, again!


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