installing tortunel missing Boost file?

Following the steps in this website to install Tortunnel, on step 1 point 5 where i am suppose to run make && make install, i get the following ;

In file included from TorProxy.cpp:30: ./TorProxy.h:33:10: fatal error: 'boost/shared_ptr.hpp' file not found #include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp> ^ 1 error generated. make: *** [TorProxy.o] Error 1 

after that i made sure to install Boost with brew on Mac

and then again i ran the same command but got the same out come ? i was able to locate the exact file in the Boot folder and confirm that it is there, but not sure if it in the right location since it is not in the tortunnel folder, and i am running the command from that folder.


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Tags: tor boost

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