Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on Acer ES 15 Laptop - No bootable device

I was recently given an Acer Aspire ES 15 laptop with windows preinstalled. I tried to wipe windows and do a clean install of Ubuntu 16.04 from a pen drive.

The install finished successfully and I restarted the computer but I get the error: "No bootable device". I tried changing the bios settings after reading some q/a's on here. I set a bios security password and booted in UEFI mode with secureboot enabled before reinstalling. Unfortunately, when I then tried to select a "trusted UEFI file" (on HDD0) as suggested in some of the q/a's, there are no files available in the menu.

I have tried installing / booting with secure mode disabled but it makes no difference. I've also tried booting in legacy mode but the screen remains black with a blinking cursor in the top left-hand corner.

Any ideas? The bios version is 1.11.




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