Intel PRO/1000 four-port NIC not recognized

I have bought an Intel 4 port lan card from eBay. It uses the intel pro 1000 chip. My pc doesn't recognize the card at all. My motherboard doesn't even recognize that I have plugged in a pci-e card, besides my graphics card. My pc has an i5 6600k with a z170 chipset motherboard with 8gb ram in it. (windows 10)

I already tried the card in an older h81 chipset motherboard and it worked without any problems.

Then I tried the card in another z170 system and it didn't worked either. So I conclude that it depends on the chipset, but I still want to use the card in my system. Does anybody know a solution to this problem?

The PCI e slot is perfectly working with another graphics Card and I did a fresh install of Windows 10 too so this shouldn't be a problem.


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