International Review of Open Source Policies

The Center for Strategic and International Studies has just released a survey of the number and type of open source software policies around the world. This includes data on recommendations and legislation at varying stages within national, regional or local governments.

While no major policies of substance have made it beyond discussion stages (and perhaps we should not encourage the ‘legislation’ of technology use) — it is good to see so many serious conversations about the use of open source.

As has been discussed in this blog before, it is the application of the proper solution, open source or proprietary, that is the sought result, not just the use of open source because it is open source.

However, I do believe those involved in the use of open solutions have found it far more flexible and powerful in many cases – thus the rousing interest in how open platforms could benefit governmental systems internationally.

By better knowing the pulse of your region’s purview on open source, this could lead to sales and marketing opportunities to governmental bodies for your business. And as a kudos to Andrew’s excellent advice on sales and marketing, use some of his tips to tackle these new opportunities.

Download the pdf here. (


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