Interrupted 16.04 Upgrade Locks Out Proper Recovery Mode

So my problem is as follows.

I chose to upgrade my machine from 14.04 to 16.04 and unfortunately the update stalled; I reset my computer at this point. Now it is automatically pushing me to a log in screen that looks like this.

Interrupted 16.04 Upgrade Locks Out Proper Recovery Mode

Prior it runs through a screen like this:

Interrupted 16.04 Upgrade Locks Out Proper Recovery Mode

I've tried booting directly from a USB with an updated image of Ubuntu on it; I downloaded the second to last 32-bit Server Install Image on this page http:// releases.ubuntu. com/16.04 but I can't manage to use this to repair my computer.

The main trouble is that I can't get past that screen because I don't know the password it wants; I've looked this up and none of those solutions are working for me either. My username on this machine is Brandon and I've tried Brandon, brandon, BRANDON, and anything else I can think of in order to log in; my pass word is just one period, or "." without the quotations.

If I use GRUBS to try a recovery mode, it brings me back to this log in screen, which I can't get past because it always says incorrect password. How can I work around this and repair my computer?


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