intoDNS reports SOA problem

I found in a topic the link from intoDNS and because I am still trying to get things working (witch it still doesn't, other topic about my setup)
I thought maybe it would be more clear for me what's up with my settings topic.

So I tested my domain and got several errors but one about SOA and it's mentioned to fix asap, but (again) I don't know how.

intoDNS reports SOA problem

So anybody could give me some directions please, I am getting desperate working for almost 2 weeks on my problem by now.



Which dns server software do you use? How did you connect the secondary dns to the primary dns server?
I am using mydns I followed the Debian perfect set-up.
As far as I know I didn't connect anything.... but maybe this is done automatically?
Just guessing but it seems to me that there are 2 nameservers thinking they are the owners??


btw just deleted my other post you answered didn't saw your answer at that time. It was a stupid mistake from my side, uploaded the same site to 2 sites.....
Every dns zone has at least two DNS Servers. You should check which dns servers have been set at the registry where you ordered the domain and ensure that the primary and secondary dns records are both pointing to your dns servers.
I think they do
intoDNS reports SOA problem

I can delete the secondary and put there my own But I think I will lose all connection to my sites, webmail and email because it all was starting to work when I added the zones to dyndns before id didn't work on only my ns1 nameserver. Thats why I started the topic "how to test my nameserver"
intoDNS reports SOA problem

This one is solved I just deleted the mydyndns account and almost all is working.

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