iPhone 6: Accumulator is getting hot when charging via USB on PC

A few day ago I charged my iPhone 6 with my PC's USB-Port. Then I continued using my PC. After round an hour I wanted to pull it off because I needed it quickly. But then I felt the hotness. The display, as well as the phone's case where almost not touchable. Anyway.. but the weirdest thing was that I started charging with 35% and when I pulled it off it where just 29%. I guess that's cause of the phone... they normally stop when it's getting too hot. I've been wondering about that cause one day earlier (and many many times before) it worked pretty fine. Of course the phone got warm but not extremely hot. Now my question is: Is this normal? If yes or not what can I do to stop that? Honestly, I don't want my accumulator blowing up right next to me...

NOTE: That only happens sometimes when I charge it with the USB-Port. My phone is also not jailbroken... just a simple iPhone with iOS 10 beta! And no: it worked fine with the beta so that can not be the reason. My phone was not repaired in any way!


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