Is impossible to forwarding event log in workgroup environments?

Hi, all.

I want to forward event log from win7(hostname is win7) to win2008(hostname is win2008).

So i used "Source Initiated" option on win7. Because "collector initiated" option can choice domain computer only.

And add hostname of win2008 and add certificate(verisign class 3 public primary ca).

And add account(administrator of win7) to event log reader group on win7.

And execute winrm command(winrm set winrm/config/client @{TrustedHosts="win7"}) on win2008.

Now subscription(name is test) on win7 status is below.

C:\Users\Administrator>wecutil rs test

C:\Users\Administrator>wecutil gr test

Subscription: test

RunTimeStatus: Active LastError: 0 

What is my fault?


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