Is it bad practice to setting up puppet server 4.5 with WEBrick?

I m having 4 virtual machines as puppet client and one puppet master. They all run on CentOS 6.7. My setup is just for fun and educational purposes.

I am trying to upgrade the servers by beginning to create a new vm with CentOS 7 and puppet master 4.5. The documentation of puppet encourages to use httpd(with that passenger thing) over puppet master WEBrick. I've spend 5 hours to make make puppet master run on apache but I did not manage to make it work. I m getting some puppet command line thing not found and I could't find the solution.

I am thinking to use WEBrick server because some other people also having problems with setting up httpd in place of WEBrick.

Is it really bad to use the deprecated WEBrick?


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Tags: puppetmaster

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