Is it posible to share wp-supercache in different subdomains?

At work, we are trying to user wp-supercache to serve files for a page but we have different subdomains one for blog (or news) editors and admin and another for visitors and we need to make sure that whenever a editor or admin edit a post, the cache file for the visitos subdomain is also deleted.

For example If I edit the following post: If I go to the next url:

The wp-supercache plugin creates the following cache file:


And then when a editor of a admin edits the post, then the plugin searchs for the file at: /data/wordpress/cache/supercache/

But we also need that the first file get deleted.

Currently, we are considreing using a symbolic link from /data/wordpress/cache/supercache/ to /data/wordpress/cache/supercache/ but it could not be an ideal solution beacause if you clear the cache, the symbolic link could also be deleted and it will not be present on an blog instance initialization.

so, how this behavior could be achieved?


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