Is it possible to poll CANOpen variables through SDO, and if so, how?

I have set up a CANOpen network consisting of 3 engines, each having their own CANOpen slave. I have a Hilscher CifX board acting as CANOpen master.

I have achieved proper engine command by reading and writing RPDO and TPDO directly into the process memory of the Hilscher board.

Now, I tried to set up the network through Sycon.NET (the Hilscher configuration tool) to map additional variables to the PDO, but the variables I want to capture don't appear in the list. I figure this is because the EDS metions PDO Mapping = 0 for these variables.

I would like to read the values of these variables every 20ms or so. Can I do this by polling the device through SDOs? If so, how?


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