Is that table partitioning useless (postgres)

I was advised by a senior DBA that you should never use Partitioning, instead use schema to group data. I am talking on large databases. I am not convinced with this, please advice

An offline application deployed in 350+ locations was converted into an Online Application Single Database (10 Million rows).

They created schema's for 350+ locations and created tables inside these respective schemas.

When I was asked to look into the issues, I wondered why this setup and was because they were advised by Senior DBA to go like this (My Concerns were, How to perform search operations across all schema, how to manage any changes in table 350+ is huge, if it is a single table with partitioning things will become easy)

When I consulted the senior DBA regarding this and why he didnt propose Table Partitioning Instead of different schema, "He said partitioning is logical" and will not work, if you split it into schema the performance will be better because database operations will be limited to that schema.

These statements confused me and thus seeking your views and experiences


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